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Trophy Bike Holders Stud Wall Fixing Pack

    Trophy Bike Holder Stud Wall Fixings

Product details

Don't have brick walls?

The stud wall fixing kit will allow you to fix to hollow-partition walls (like plasterboard) of between 9mm -> 15mm in thickness (a minimum void of 35mm is required behind the panel). Stud wall kits for all products are rated up for bikes to 20kg, but please check your walls are strong enough to support the type of bike you’re holding!

Note: This product can only be ordered with a Trophy Bike Holder.

product details

Includes 4x colour-coded fixings and instructions suitable for fixing bicycle holders to most partition walls (please note above specifications). Stud wall fixing pack may also be used for fixing to ‘fermacell’ or other dry-lining boards in addition to conventional plasterboard. Always check the type and condition of your walls for suitability!

Note we will send you the corresponding colour kit to your order if you are ordering more than two or want to choose colour, email after ordering.

Heads are colour & finish coded, so soft fur or soft plastic and in colour of trophy ordered.