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Martone Cycling Bike FENDER

    Close Up Of Martone Fender Light Weight
    Martone Minimal & Efficient Fender UK
    Martone Fender UK
    Martone Fender On Bike
    Martone Cycling at Fervency UK
    Womens Fashion Bike

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Martone Cycling 

Martone Fender Minimal and Efficient.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Martone accessories at this time can only be purchased at the same time as purchasing a bike, orders will not be accepted for accessories orders placed on their own, if you are looking to order more than one accessorie please email.

product details


Martone Fender

Superlight bike fender. Made of high grade grey plastic and aluminum, this fender was developed with performance and style in mind. Minimal in design and efficient, it catches the water from its launch point off the tire to keep your back dry at all times.



Marton Cycling



It’s such a precious and rare occurrence in life to find something that inspires you and truly brings pure joy. I’ve been lucky to find a cherished few of these things. Biking was my first love. It was transformative – I could go anywhere with seemingly endless possibilities. Little did I know, that passion would stay with me through adulthood.

When I moved to Paris to study Luxury Brand Management at PGSM, I found myself in the very pinnacle of design and fashion inspiration – and in a city rich with its own unique biking culture, no less! It was there that my illusions of one day designing under my own aesthetic began to take shape.

And then came my love affair with New York City. Dirty, sexy, New York. I became immediately enamored with the art scene and all of its constant evolution and innovation. My passion for the arts influenced the way I saw the world and inspired me to push the limits in my own way, to show my own individuality.

Martone Cycling Co. is a culmination of all of my passions: biking, design, fashion, and art. Design-driven city bikes break the mold by refusing to sacrifice style for functionality. The Martone Cycling Co. collections of Sram Automatix 2 gear bikes, E-bikes and accessories are covetable must-haves for a biking lifestyle that is trending worldwide.

My bikes are designed for a modern breed of technology seeking, health conscious and environmentally mindful city-dwellers – who are obsessed with personal style and design. From chic baskets and lucite pedals to our signature red chains, Martone Cycling Co. designs bikes that perform perfectly on the street and display equally well as a design piece in the home.

Welcome to a whole new world of cycling that suits your style.

Enjoy the ride,  - Lorenzo

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